Travel and Exercise

Sometimes travel and exercise just doesn’t mix. Sure most of the hotels have great gyms in them but not everyone wants to take time out of their vacations or business trip to exercise. Exercise is still important whether you are at home or not. Instead of a big routine while on the road try exercises that will maintain muscle and endurance. This way it will not cut into your work or vacation time. As far as equipment you actually have some right in your hotel room.The last thing a person wants to toe around during travel is dumbbells or any type of weights. Who wants to pack up a bunch of equipment to go on the road, even if it is compact and slides under the bed. Well once you put your thinking cap on you will see that you actually have some unique exercise equipment right in your hotel room. For example a phone book is an excellent tool for several exercises:

Push ups – Put one hand on the phone book and the other on the floor.

Squats – Feet set apart wider than the hips, phone book in middle of legs slightly in front, bend down and put hands on phone book. Rise up on tip toes and lift hips up towards the ceiling and straighten the knees as much as possible, Repeat.

Lunges – Feet apart, hold phone book upward over your head. Bend the knees and lower into a lunge.

Calf Raises – Stand on phone book with heel slightly off of book. Keep body straight and lift the body up onto tiptoes.
Another great tool to use in a hotel is a chair. You can work your triceps by sitting on the chair, hand next to your thighs and push up. Bring the hips out and lower body down just brushing the seat. Providing that there is a stool in the room it will make you a perfect stepper. Turn some tunes on and go to town.Speaking of tunes, dancing is another great form of exercise. Make your husband take you out on the town and dance the night away. On a business trip take a break and go make some new friends. Dancing is a great cardiovascular workout. If you are single you just might meet someone special that enjoys dancing also. Dancing can be great fun but it is really an excellent way to get your workout for the day.There are many way to exercise even if you are not at home. You don’t have to spend a lot of time at it while on the road just maintain yourself. Look around you and use your head as to what can actually be used as exercise equipment. You will be surprised at all the ideas you come up with and you will not feel so guilty being on the road and having some great food. Traveling can be lots of fun but it can add to the waistline so make sure that you get your exercise in daily while you are on the road.

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